Leopold Rambaud

Age: 14Ā 
Birthday:Ā 26 April 2009
Nationality: French

Setup:Ā PlanB DeckĀ 

Deck Size: 8,125 inch.Ā 

Trucks brand/size:Ā  Independent /8.125

Wheel brand/size:Ā Bones 52mm

Screws brand/size: Independent

Bearings brand: Rage


If you could go back in time, where would you go?
No where.Ā Ā 

If you could choose your dream skate destination, where would you go?
Los Angeles

Where do your beginnings of skating go back?
To 2021

What does your perfect day look like?
Every days are good.Ā 

What kit are you currently riding?Ā 

Bones wheels , PlanB board and Rage Bearings.Ā 

Without what, there is absolutely no good skate session?
The homies.Ā 

Instagram: @leopold.sk8